Mike "On the Air" at KMPC

Voice-overs and Spokesperson

Mike’s voice, polished by many years behind the microphone in Radio, Television, news, video and films and public speaking, is available to bring life to your commercial or narration for your film or video or digital presentation. Mike's voice is a versatile instrument ready to make your presentation a success. Click below and listen for yourself.

Mike Botula Voice Over Sample
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News Conference State Capitol Steps

Public Relations and Media Consulting

Mike is a skilled and effective resource you can call on for yourself or your organization in the area of public relations, public affairs and media relations. If you need a helping hand polishing your message, putting on a positive “spin,” or even managing damage control, he’s the person to call. His experience in developing community outreach for elected officials, local and state agencies, executives and entertainment figures will provide you with the back-up you or your enterprise needs to compete successfully in the contemporary world. Services include: news media campaigns for public agencies using traditional and social media for individuals and private companies along with media training for political candidates, public officials and corporate executives and staff. 

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