Favorite Web Links!

I'm happy that you took the time to pay mikebotula.com a visit. Here are some of my favorite blogs and websites, with more to be added shortly.

LARadio.com - Don Barrett chronicles the Los Angeles radio scene and keeps track of a multitude of his LARPs-LA Radio People. He is THE "Go To Guy" for all things Radio in Tinseltown.



The Working Reporter: Ron Olsen - News, analysis and commentary from one of LA's news pros. The award winning television journalist reports, analyzes and comments on today's top stories.


TV Show Runner and writer, author, playright and sportscaster Ken Levine gives us the inside story on contemporary television with his special brand of humor.

LST 920: Charlie Botula's Long, Slow Target!

A welcome addition to your WW2 history collection from AMAZON BOOKS!

Just go to Books at Amazon.com and enter the title or my name in the SEARCH field. Paperback and Kindle!



LST 920: Charlie Botula's Long, Slow Target! Now available in Australia from Booktopia.com.au